Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teaching French Language

I've already written several posts about the different roles I play.  Now I want to tell you about my French classes.  I just finished my second series of classes, held in an art gallery downtown.  It's inspiring to teach and learn within the walls of our small town's oldest building, and with beautiful artwork surrounding us.
My background for being able to do these classes, is  my university degree in French language and literature, from the universities of Trondheim, Norway and Sorbonne, Paris, France.  In addition to this, I've lived in French-speaking countries for nearly seven years.
I've come up with a short, intensive program, three nights only, with a goal of having my students start talking French almost immediately.  It's lots of fun, but it's also hard work, since I make the whole thing from scratch, and I'm literally on my feet for five straight hours, talking and interakting non-stop.  First, there is the beginners' class, then, after a short break, I teach the conversation class for the advanced students.  The feedback I get, confirms that my idea, these short, intensive courses are exactly what people want.
And even though I get tired, exhausted even, it's very rewarding to see that I am able to transmit my enthusiasm for the French language, and make people communicate, also when they just know a few words! Languages are extremely powerful.  They open doors and they create friendships.
Languages are magic.


  1. Hallo, Kristine! I just want to say thank you, for the person you are and for bringing your enthusiasm conserning the french language to people in my region,;I like it very much.

  2. I'm happy to be able to do it. Thank you for your kind words. :-)


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