Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little William

There's no use hiding it: Prince William's wedding makes me emotional.  You see, I was 11 years old when  he was born, and I collected his baby pictures, cut them out from magazines and newspapers, glued them on the pages of a dedicated William Baby Book.  I was as if I knew the baby personally, he felt almost like family, and my biggest dream was to one day become his nanny in London...
The royal wedding one year earlier didn't thrill me that much, I wasn't into fairy-tale princesses and such, I never was one of these all pink and frills little girls,  but Prince William appealed to my emerging maternal instinct, and I was totally obsessed with this little prince.
After a while I stopped collecting his photographs, and my interest tapered off somewhat, but I still kind of followed him from a distance, and when his mother died, I cried my eyes out, mostly because of him and his brother.
But, I had my own child by then, and little by little I stopped catching up on prince William's doings.  Occationally, though, I would spot a picture of him, and it always felt strangely like seeing a photography of a relative. He grew up to be such a handsome young man, and I felt like a proud big sister...
I have to admit, I was a little annoyed  when I realized his wedding wasn't this summer but on an April Friday, one that I was going to spend in Paris, far away from any television set...
I actually forgot during the day, since I was busy guiding a group in the most beautiful city on earth,  but back in my hotel room, I went online and watched a couple of video clips from the wedding. Just to catch up.  And, to my big surprise,  I cried like a baby.  I could hardly see the screen, and I was very happy nobody could see me.
After this confession, here are some of the baby and child pictures I collected, and really, he was adorable.

The very first picture published

The photos are of course not mine, and I have to say I don't know the name of the photographers, other than Lord Snowdon, who took most of the official photos, but others are from press conferences or snapshots.  I make an exception here, from my rule of always naming the person behind a photo.


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