Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Water for Elephants - The movie

So, I just finished this book, and then a few days later, I got to see the movie who is adapted from it.  I'm always a bit apprehensive  (sometimes even a lot!) when I'm about to watch a movie, whose script was made from a book I like, but luckily, this was one of this times there was no need to worry.
Water for Elephants, directed by Francis Lawrence, and having Robert Pattison, Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz in leading roles is a good movie, worth seen.  And, it is kept close to Sara Gruen's book, as close as they could get, the way I see it.
The different relationships, both the good and the bad ones, are painted masterly, and you start caring about the characters, not to forget the animals.  Rosie, the elephant, makes a big chunk of this movie, and this not only in a literally way.  If you didn't think you could have feelings for an elephant, well, go and see this movie!
The main story is the same as the book: Young Jacob Jankowski joins a traveling circus, meets the love of his life.  And, they have kept the wonderful aspect of the old man looking back, reminding us of the fact that a person doesn't become somebody different, just because he or she is aging.
And, I brought two teenagers and an eleven-year-old (In Norway the rating is 11 years for this movie), and they all absolutely loved the experience.  Some violent scenes, though, with fighting and the movie's "bad guy" treating the animals less than well..., so I would strongly encourage parents to watch this together with their older kids, just so you can talk through it afterwards.
To finish, my Twilight-loving fourteen-year-old didn't think she could separate Pattison from Edward Cullen, but she totally forgot about the vampire, realizing that good actors can be very different characters.

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  1. The loving relationships in the story are a great aspect, but the hateful and evil aspects of relationships make the book that much easier to relate to. Although the characters' lives do not end perfectly, and many tragedies occur in the book, but these hardships make the good things more precious. The book was a very easy read, and I would certainly recommend it to someone who won't be offended by the sexual encounters described in it.


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