Monday, April 4, 2011

Creating Photography

In my series of blog posts describing my different roles in life, I've come to this one: Being a photographer. I have my own little studio, where I receive customers three days a week, while my youngest is in daycare.
My customers are mainly small children, but sometimes teenagers or whole families.
My goal is to create beautiful photography as works of art, but in addition to this, I want to give my customers pictures that they can cherish, because these images captures a moment in their child's life, help them remember.
I always take my time, try to see what kind of person I have in front of me, so there will be no "conveyor belt photography" in my studio.
I'm truly happy when I feel my pictures turn out the way I want, and when parents are satisfied with the result.

My studio has it's own website: Studio Kristine, as well as a photography blog: Images.

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