Thursday, March 3, 2011

Village Life

After three days of travel, we reached the village of Vincelottes Tuesday night. 
The trip went well.  Our kids do great in the car, so hundreds of miles are not at all a problem. 
First day was by car to Oslo, then we had the afternoon and first night on the big ferry to Kiel, Germany.  We enjoyed the swimming pool, play room, and my daughter and I had a most interesting dancing lesson! They announced free dancing lessons on the ship, and we, expecxting a crowd, was very surprised to be the only ones there.  But, it turned out to be just perfect.  It was just the two of us and the dance teachers, and it was lots of fun.  After a full hour of hands-on teaching, we were able to stumble away in a cha-cha-cha!
Next day was all about Germany.  We drove more less non-stop, only paused to have lunch, buy ice cream and other necessery actions.  In the car we listened to an audio-book by Jostein Gaarder: The Solitaire Mystery (Kabalmysteriet.)  We spent the night in a family run hotel in the town of Bad Homborg, near Frankfurt. (The house used to be the residence of the Prince of Wales in the late 19th century!)  Then, on Tuesday March 1st, we arrived in France, and we found our village, by the shores of the river Yonne.  The place is an old stone house, and the village of Vincelottes is charming and drowsy.  We buy the croissants for our breakfast in the next village, Vincelles, only a 15 min. walk on the other side of the river.  We have a huge kitchen with a massive wood table, lots of rooms and space to live in.
My husband goes to work in Auxerre,  a short drive away, we enjoy the French food, the cosy house and the beautiful surroundings, but there is one problem: We were promised internet access in the house, and there isn't any.  A huge problem for my work, and for my kids' school assignments. We're currently working on different options, but in the meantime I'm sort of cut off from the world, except these few minutes as I´m writing this.
Maybe it's a good thing, not to be able to be connected all the time, I don't know. 
Tomorrow we're actually going in to Paris for the day.  While my husband attends a meeting there, I'll take the kids around the city.
Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon, when or if I get some internet moments again.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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