Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Swan River

For a couple of weeks, we stay in the village of Vincelottes in Bourgogne, France.  Our house is on the shore of the river Yonne, and I walk by the water every day.  On our first night, I took the children out there, and they were all thrilled to see all the beautiful swans swimming by.  Later, we found an island in the middle of the river, with huge trees, small waterfalls and shady areas just perfect for playing.  Since, all they want is to go out there, build houses with the drift wood and branches they find on the ground, and collect fresh water shells and pretty rocks.
In the morning, I love getting up before the rest of the family, or with just my youngest (who usually is the earliest riser anyway) and go for a walk, just when the sun rises over the village and the birds start singing as if their lives depend on it. Then, when the bells in the church tower strike eight, we head home, with fresh croissants  and bread for our breakfast.

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