Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm discovering a French town I knew nothing about: Saint-Etienne, less than an hour's drive from Lyon.  For a week now, I've lived here, and I start to know my way around town.  Every day my husband leaves for work at the university, dropping off our three youngest kids at their school.  My eldest daughter leaves earlier, on the tram.  Then, I work from the apartment for a few hours, before taking the tram downtown and meeting my husband for lunch. We've found a favorite spot: Le Bistro du Boucher, at Place Jean Jaurès.  Today we sat outside, enjoying the spring sun, the view of the cathedrale and the cherry trees all dressed in pink for the season.
Then I read or write some more, usually in a café, before picking up my children.   Today we walked to the big square in front of the city hall, where there is a carrousel, and as most French children, they got some goûter, brought by me: Fresh croissants from the nearby bakery.
Back home in the apartment, there is shower/bath time, and it is a challenge, when there is only one bathroom...  But, that is a learning experience too, to live together, all six of us, in a rather small space.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, there is no school for my youngest, and the two middle kids only have class until 11.30AM.  We'll probably have lunch with my husband, and then we plan on visiting the planetarium, where there is a show on "the birth of the universe".


  1. so interesting that you posted this! when my dad's family emigrated from the French-German area they were from in the late 1700s, the family of their present day neighbors emigrated with them. their last name is Etienne, and i had once been told that their family shared their name with the area they were from.

  2. That is interesting! Maybe they even came from this town? And your dad's family, did they come from the area where Strasbourg is today? (Area which has been German or French on and off.)


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