Monday, March 21, 2011

My Little Schoolboy. / Le Petit Écolier

We live in France this month.  I say "live" and not "stay", because we really live here.  We eat, sleep, work and go to school, do laundry, groceries, visit with friends and still experience lots of new things.

And, I, who was reluctant by the idea of leaving my youngest in a French school, well, look at his face on this photo, taken when I picked him up one afternoon.  This is his teacher, who sings "Frère Jacques" to him when it's nap-time, and who have him draw pictures in sand and paint with his hands.  He just loves this!  And he already pronounces "Mamma" more like the French "Maman", counts to 15 in French and says "Bonjour Madame" to the receptionist.

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