Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: Harvesting the Heart

I just finished this book, Jodi Picoult 's second novel, published in 1993.  It gripped my heart, and that has nothing to do with the title...  It's an incredible strong story about motherhood, and about how fragile life and human relationships can be.  Paige's mother left her when she was only five years old, and this is probably some of the reason that Paige don't think she can take care of a child.  I say some of the reason, because this is not a simple story.  It's filled with complicated characters, with their different kind of emotional luggage, and as I said earlier, the novel just gripped my heart.  
Jodi Picoult is definitively now one of my favorite authors, and I'm just so happy that she keeps on writing.  

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