Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Thinker

I visited the Rodin Museum today, as it is one of my favorite places in Paris, and I might incorporate it into my guided tours of Paris which I'm starting up this spring.
As this post is written from my hotel bed, and my eyes are threatening to close before I'm done writing, I'll make this very short.  This statue, The Thinker (Le Penseur) by Auguste Rodin, is made in several versions, both in bronze and in marble, but the orignal one, the first bronze cast, from 1902,  sits in the garden of the Rodin Museum.  It's so real, the anatomy just perfectly rendered, it's a statue of a strong, muscular man, but still, it's a very allegoric work of art to me.  It's about the human struggle, about our inner world of thoughts, problems, challenges,  about our mind and it's need for serenity and comprehension.  I see myself in this statue, me and my mind and its non-stop thinking,  instead of just  relaxing and letting go.  I would love to see a second statue here, muscles relaxed, showing the peace that only descends upon us when the thinking stops.
Don't get me wrong. Thinking is of course not all bad.  It's also philosophy, asking questions and learning.  And, the thing is, I like this statue.

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