Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture of the day: The Lacemaker

Another Vermeer-painting: The Lacemaker, from around 1670. 
As I've written before, I'm on an ongoing quest: To see all available Vermeer paintings.  I saw this one in the Louvre, Paris, a week ago.  It's very sober, without any other background than the grey wall, but it's very Vermeer-like indeed, with the typical yellows and blues. 
If you approach the little painting, you can actually see every single thread between the woman's fingers, and the texture of the pillow is amazing.  But, more than anything, this is a picture of concentration.  The woman is completely absorbed in her task, nothing distracts her.  
As usual, when I get to see a Vermeer IRL, I just stand there, staring at it for the longest while, climbing into it, mentally, until I feel the pressure to let other people see the painting as well, and reluctantly step aside.


  1. Lacemaker is my second favorite but you can't beat Girl With a Pearl Earring.

    1. I totally agree. See here:


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