Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parenting an 11-year-old.

Another of my roles is this: Being the mother of an 11-year-old boy.  When it comes to parenting this young man, appropriate keywords would be: supporting, comforting, encouraging, helping with school work and difficult piano music, answering questions who every day become more and more complex, having to accept that I don't have all the answers anymore, negotiation, arguing about rules and benefits, crying, laughing, discussions, hugs, book reading, games, cross country skiing, cinema outings and driving to to the E.R. because of accidents due to a bit too daring behavior, such as tree climbing, jumping etc...  It's challenging, and it's scary, because I can see time is running out when it comes to the task of parenting.  It's not over for years yet, of course, but we're approaching the teen years now, and little by little he'll be stretching out towards independence.  I can still see the baby boy inside the tall "tween" frame, and it makes me cry to think about how fast years go by...  But, all I can do, is to try my best, and to build his self-esteem with love, knowledge and imagination, to help him reach his stars.


  1. Kjenner meg godt igjen. Nå fyller snart min sønn 13, men dette du skriver om bare fortsetter, og jeg nyter det! (selv om min sønn ikke lenger tar pianotimer, leit...)
    Sønnen din er en flott gutt, nydelige bilder, som jeg regner med mamma'n har tatt. Det er en gave og berikelse å være mamma til en 11-åring, nyt tiden sammen :-)

  2. Tusen takk for de ordene! :-) Babytiden kan være strevsom, men det er virkelig først når de blir eldre at kreftene våre blir satt på prøve, føler jeg... Det er gleder og bekymringer hånd i hånd, ikke sant!

  3. Er helt enig med deg i det, Kristine. Hver alder har sin utfordring og sin sjarm, og alltid er vi først og fremst mamma :-)


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