Saturday, February 26, 2011


Right now, we're packing our bags, and tomorrow, after loading the mini-van, we take off for France.  My husband will be working at two different universities, and we tag along, for a month.  First stretch is short, less than two hours to Oslo, where we board the huge ferryboat which will take us to Kiel, Germany.  We'll be aboard for almost 24 hours, it's almost like a mini-cruise.  Then we'll drive down through Germany, spending one night somewhere down the road,  before going west into France.
There is  much to plan and pack,  especially considering that we have full winter here, and we're going much further south, where there is no snow, much warmer and thus need for a totally different wardrobe.  Then there is also:  The kids' school books, some toys, books to read at night, audio books for the car ride, snacks and packed lunches for the first day, and lots more...  So, I really have to get back to my packing.  Will stay in touch.
And yes, we do have a house sitter, a nice person who will take good care of Happy and the house.


  1. Love the map - and your blog! :)

  2. Dette har jeg ikke fått med meg! God tur, eller dere er vel fremme nå.

    Nå skjønner jeg hvorfor du ikke svarte på smsen min på lørdag. ;)


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