Monday, January 31, 2011

Parenting a 7-Year Old

Here's antother of my roles: Being the mother of a 7-year-old.
Keywords to parenting this little girl: Reassuring, back rubs, hugs, reading, teaching how to weave, knit and sew, talking about Life's big questions, such as birth, death, love and God, more reassuring, listening , going to the movies or plays, playing piano, singing, walking or driving to school, piano or choir, playing in the snow or in the swimming pool, baking and cooking together.  Her questions challenge me more and more, and I have to really think before answering.  The world is opening up around her, and it's both exciting and scary, and there are lots of worries, lots of thinking, but also laughter, play and hiding the cat in her bed at night and thinking I didn't see it...  It's amazing how the little baby suddenly is a girl, with all this imagination and skills.  Once in a while feelings grow too tall, and there is despair and genuine sorrow.  Then, I am still able to console her, to give comfort and perspective, just by holding her tight.  How I wish it always could be that easy...


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