Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parenting a 3-Year Old

 I guess most of us can recognize the feeling of constantly juggling many roles, that being different jobs, as well as relationships, occupations and engagements of many kinds.
I want to make a series of blog posts, presenting some of my different roles, and I start with this one:
Being the mother of a 3-year-old.  
Keywords to parenting this little guy: Hugging, reading books, diaper changes, making snacks and lunches, wiping sticky hands and face, playing with legos,  singing, going for walks, answering questions, painting, playdough, giving baths, brushing teeth, helping with clothes and shoes, cleaning up mess, consoling when life is tough, explaining and often myself being the "bad guy"...Yes, there is a strong will involved here, and the need to be part of making descisions.  Not always easy...  When we need to leave for an appointment, and Mr. 3-year-old has decided that he doesn't want to, it takes all I can muster of patience and creativity to avoid carrying a screaming child out to the car.  The same goes for getting out of bed, getting into the bath, getting out of the bath, going to the toilet, etc.  Some days I'm tired, exthausted, even exasperated,  but then again, most of the time it is just so rewarding to be able to follow his steps into the big world, with all the "What?"s and "Why?"s.  It's wonderful to hug somebody who literally wraps his arms around you, and he makes me smile and  laugh every single day, being so funny, lovely and cute.
Mother and Child by Pablo Picasso 1922 

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