Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fall Memories...

 Not the right time of year to think about fall, I know that, but I've wanted to make this post for months, and maybe January is as good as any time to think back...

During our kids' fall vacation, we went up to the mountain Venabygdsfjellet, where we stayed in a chapel. Yes, we rented a cabin belonging to the local mountain chapel, and since the weather was about as horrible as it gets, they let us use the chapel as well, both the sanctuary and the kitchen.

We enjoyed cozy evenings of wood fire and board games, and we shared yummy meals, looking out on the wind- and rainstorm raging around the chapel.

We did also venture outside, for short walks, and one of the days we actually made it to a mountaintop, but with the rain and fog we hardly saw any view...

On the mountaintop.  Dreaming about the wood fire and hot chocolate...
(We enjoyed just that when we got down from the mountaintop and back to our chapel!)

Next day we went horseback riding.  A Norwegian saying goes something like this: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes..."

Well, at one point we chose to drive to a nearby hotel, and enjoyed a few hours in the indoor swimming pool.  Swimming and playing, trying the climbing wall, falling down in the warm water, having lots of fun.

A different kind of vacation, sure, but it was real  together-time, and we want to go back one day!

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