Thursday, December 16, 2010

The people of India

My heart and head are full of impressions from my India experience, but since I came back, I've been so busy with work and organizing my family that I haven't really had the time to digest.  I'm really glad I got to do some writing, a little while I was there, and a lot during our travel back to Norway.  This, the bits and pieces of memories, names, descriptions and feelings, this will probably serve as a base for something larger that I'll have to write, one day or another.  I was profoundly marked and touched by this stay, and I simply have to try putting it all into words.
With a few exeptions, I haven't got the time to look at my pictures yet, but I dug out this one to share with you, and I feel it's right to have this as a first glimpse of India: The children.  People - and more specifically the children - made by far the strongest impression on me.  From the infants I held in my arms, to the older ones I played with or had conversations with.  The sincerity, the openness, these real faces just touched me enormously.  It was for me a huge contrast to how we often interact in our part of the world...
And the adults, and the elderly persons I got to know a little, who hugged me when I was leaving, who simply showed plain love, even though I was a stranger, a foreigner, a strange, tall white woman.  
I cried when I left Saturday night...


  1. I just clicked on the link on Facebook and was diverted to your blog and then to articles about your visit to India during my wedding. I read all again. Felt very nice about your experience and everything was fresh again in my mind.. :) ..


    1. Thanks, Aditya. I have wonderful memories of that trip, and I would absoutely love to go back some day! :-)


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