Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter already??

Yes, it's true.  In my corner of the world, we have had winter for a week now.  Snow, ice and temperatures  ranging from 14 to 28 Fahrenheit (minus 2 to minus 10 degrees Celcius).  
It's too early for me, really it is.  I'm not made for this kind of climate, and I'm sure Mankind never was ment to live in a place where we can expect several months now where 14 degrees Fahrenheit is nothing...  
(Last January, it descended all the way to minus 18.4 Fahrenheit /minus 28 degrees Celcius.)
The first humans walked the soil of Africa, or so I've heard.  Makes sense, doesn't it, to live in a place where you wouldn't have to evolve to the point of being able to build your own house or make yourself clothes just to stay alive.
I know.  The human population grew, and spread out, but, it's beyond me that somebody, one day, decided that waaay up North, where it's cold and dark in the winter, where nothing grows, except for a few months in the Summer, just there, it would be nice to settle down. Like I said, beyond me.  I'm sure he was some kind of extreme sports guy who totally got a kick out of this.  And, his wife was of course pregnant, didn't have the strength to argue, and, a few months later, the Norwegian tribe was a fact.
I think my soul belongs in another climate.  Not the tropical one, though, since too much sun bugs me too, but the temperate, smoother seasons of, for instance France or the Pacific Northwest in the US.
A little homesick for my other homelands, maybe?  Oh yes, right now, you bet....


  1. You wouldn't like Ottawa in January/February, then. We can get -40 ° F & C in those months.

  2. Wow. That's like the mountain village I lived in while growing up!
    But, it lasts for a shorter period, doesn't it?
    Don't get it wrong, I do like the four seasons, it gives a rhythm to the year, but I would like a shorter winter, and then when the cold season starts, I always get this rush of apprehension...
    My kids are the exact opposite, they're thrilled and happy with every snowflake and every descent of the thermometer.


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