Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do You Light a Candle when You're Alone?

My great-grandmother was widowed at 60, and lived to be 90.  She lived alone for these 30 years, but she never became one of those bitter, old women, talking about how awful life has treated them, and how much better everything was "in my days."  No, she would never even use that term, simply because her days were just now, always in the present.

She was a true lady, concerned about her appearance, and she never left home without a pretty hat and some lipstick.

So yes, she was absolutely a little vain, in a perfectly good way, but then she was also deeply interested in the world and the people around her!

She was into charities, donated money and made crafts for mission sales.  She bought gifts to her grand- and great-grandkids.  The two of us wrote letters to each other, and I was lucky enough to have her until I was 20 years old.

As a child, I remember my mother said that great-grandma always cooked real meals, and set the table with a clean tablecloth, and a lit candle, even though she ate all alone.

I think that's just beautiful.  And, maybe that's the key, or at least one of the keys, to inner peace and happiness: To light a candle, even when you're all alone.

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