Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love

My husband bought me this book, Eat, Pray, Love, and I just finished reading it.  Yes, I know, it has been a bestseller for years now, a hit since it first was published in 2006.  But, the thing is, one never gets to read all the right books at once, and I think this particular one reached me at the perfect moment.
Yes, I loved it.  I really, really loved it.  (I don't really see the point in writing about books I hate...)  
It's totally autobiographical.  Elizabeth Gilbert is writing about her own life, her own struggles, and more specifically, the year she spent living in Italy, India and Indonesia.  The four months in Rome was about finding pleasure, to enjoy life on earth, eat drink and have fun. Then, in India, it was all about the divine aspect of life, the meditation, prayer and the spiritual journey.  In the end, the last months spent on Bali, was about finding a balance between the first two.
This book spoke to me on so many levels, I don't even know where to start.  The Rome experience first, I love that city, and I love Italy.  I went ahead and learned Italian several years ago, because I wanted to, just like the author.  India, - I'm going to India in December.  It's a wedding and not an Ashram, that's right, and it's only a week, not four months, but still...  
And, the balance thing, the need for enjoying the here and now, but on the same time craving the silence, the nothingness, the eternal...
I just say, -Wow, what a book.
And, in case you are wondering, I haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will.  
I'm really sceptical when it comes to movies adapted from books I have previously read.  If I hated the book, of course I wouldn't bother watching the movie, and, if I loved the book, which is this case, I'm so scared of destroying all my images.
For now, the problem solved itself, because our small town cinema theater don't show movies more than a couple a weeks, so Julia Roberts is gone from the posters.
But, just to end this rambling, - I loved, loved, loved this book, and I'm actually sorry I'm done reading it.  I was looking forward to bedtime, just to be able to travel with Elizabeth Gilbert.

One last note, though.  In Norway, the book (and the movie)  is translated "Eat, Live, Love"... (Spis, Lev, Elsk) That's so typical of the Norwegian culture of today.  A total fear of anything religious, and where anything slightly more than material is considered "silly" or just plain dumb.

It's sad.  And, it makes me feel less Norwegian.  


  1. Denne boka vil eg lese! Takk for at du deler! Også veldig enig med deg og nordmenn sin frykt for det religiøse. Trist og heilt på feil spor.

  2. thank you for your review. I wanted to read this before but now I REALLY REALLY want to read it. I haven't seen the movie yet

  3. If only you had written this book! Then I might have liked it. While I loved her travel diary, I just couldn't get past why she left her husband and she just seemed so self-centered that it was challenging for me to finish the book. I like your take on it though. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gunhild Sofie, takk for kommentar!Nyt boka!

    Brancy@YDK, thanks for commenting, hope you'll enjoy the book!

    Moonaroo, I wish I'd written this book too!
    I see your point, but I guess I managed to push that aspect in the back of my mind, as their marriage wasn't really a part of this story. (And, we don't know what actually happened, why she wasn't happy, since the author didn't want to expose her ex more than she has done.)


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