Sunday, November 14, 2010

Approaching India Trip.

In less than three weeks I'm going to India for the first time of my life. 
It's strange.  I think I have travelled quite a bit in my life.  I've lived in four different countries, had a baby in three of them, but right now, I feel butterflies fluttering all over my stomach, almost like it was the very first time I'd ever go anywhere.
Maybe because I'm leaving my kids for a week?  Or, maybe because it's a new country, a new continent for me?  Or, maybe because it's just before Christmas, and I will probably be behind with everything related to the holidays this year?
Maybe all of it.
I'm learning Marathi language, tiny baby steps of it, and I try to read about the country, the area, but my days are too full, and the hours have a tendency to slip away, so I feel very, very unprepared for this.
I guess I have to speed up my India preparing, that's all, if not I'll be all panicky about the whole thing.

Most of the important things are taken care of, though. Immunizations are done, there is just a liquid vaccine I have to take a couple of times before leaving.  We don't have the visas yet (hoping we will very soon!), but tickets are bought and arrangements made for a car to pick us up at the Mumbai airport.
Well, I have some preparations to go back to, after making pizza for tonight, preparing packed lunches for my four kids and folding a small Mount Everest of laundry.
Some google-found pictures from Pune, the city I'm going to:


  1. I hope you have a safe trip to India and make a lot of good memories :-)



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