Sunday, October 3, 2010

Three Little Apple Trees

I bought tree apple trees this summer.
Main goal: Having a hammock tied  between them when they get big and sturdy.  It will be my nap place.
Yes, I know, it will take ages, and, why didn't I buy them nine years ago, when we first came here?  Well, just because the idea  just came to me this summer, that's why.
Everybody said we would have to wait a couple of years, maybe more, before having apples to harvest, but we proved them wrong!  There were a few flowers here and there, and  before long we could spot small apples, growing bigger every week, threathening to brake the thin, wobbly branches...  This week I decided to harvest our crop, before any branches snapped, and those skinny, unsturdy, flimsical teenaged trees,
well, - they gave us exactly 18 beautiful and spotless apples.

Yes, and we harvested some baby pumpkins as well, since frost is around the corner, and we couldn't wait for them to grow bigger...  Guess we'll have to buy the halloween carving ones from a store this year.
But, they make for great decorations, and the apples are really, really good!


  1. Gorgeous pics, the last two are my favorites. The apples look delicious!

  2. Those are beautiful pics, as usual. Just think, by the time that the trees get big enough, you might actually have time to nap!

  3. Thanks, Ashley and Moonaroo! And, yes, maybe I will! :-)


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