Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Long Snow

Last Friday I got to see a local theater performance here in my small town.  "Snøen som falt".  The English title of this co-production between Teater Innlandet and Hetveem Theater (Netherlands) is "So Long Snow." The Norwegian title points to a saying : 'The snow that fell last year', which means all hat is history, gone, 'water under the bridge'.
The show takes place in the future, when winter is just a distant memory of the two characters, working in a weather station.  They remember playing in the snow as kids, but there are no more snow, no more ice.  Winter is probably forgotten by everyone else but these two...
At the weather station where they now work, there is no longer a metereologist, only the projection of one.  In the Norwegian version of the play, Kristen Gislefoss, a nationally known TV weather person,  is the person projected on the wall.  He can also be seen on a photograph on the desk, featuring the two only employees of the station.
It's a strange play, with no real talking.  Lots of things are happening, or rather not happening, for no obvious reason.  The two characters have all kinds of substitutes for snow: Paper shreds, cream topping, sugar cubes...  Strange sounds.  The light goes on and off.  All seats are close to the stage, surrounding it, and we can hear strong sound effects all around us, for instance the crunchy sound of walking in thick snow. 

As I see it, though being strange and 'alternative', it's a nostalgic play.  It may be about the climate crisis too, but it's really about how we try to hold on to what is long gone...

The trailer for the Dutch version of the play:

Direction: Karen Røise Kielland
Actors: Kenneth Homstad and Anne van Dorp (and Kristen Gislefoss)

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