Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Language Geek...

My name is Kristine, and I'm a language geek. 

I'm going to India i December, for a wedding.  It will only be for a week, but I'm incapable of going anywhere in the world without knowing at least some of the spoken language.  
So, even though you probably manage just fine with English, I've started to study Marathi, the official language of the Marashtra  state.
My goal is to be able to just say everyday expressions, like greetings, ask for directions, and be able to understand some of the writing.
I only have a month and a half, and I do work several jobs, and I do have four children, but with some self discipline I should reach my goal. There is no teacher, just me, a website and a computer program. 
I try to put in a few minutes here and there, and try to remember that I won't really learn the language, just get a taste of it, make it less foreign, in a way. 
To the left here you can see a sample of the Marathi letters, and, to be honest, I'm really not sure if I'll ever remember the difference between these.  But, I'll try, and even if I just learn a tiny, little bit, I'm decided to learn more Marathi than I learned Greek before our Crete holiday two years ago.  The only sentence I had memorized then, was "I have one bottle of Whisky and 200 sigarettes."  Really useful...

Who knows, maybe I'll be able to understand at least some of ads and posters, like this one:

It would be even cooler, of course, if I could understand some of the articles in the Mumbai Mitra newspaper:

Or maybe, one day:

Dream on...


  1. Have fun. With or without the language, you will draw a lot of attention in Indial

  2. I realized I never answered here. Thanks! And yes - I had fun AND drew attention, being the white, tall one. :-)


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