Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm going to India...

There, I said it.
Well, I rather wrote it,  but I haven't really wrapped my mind around it yet:  

I am going to India!  

One of the other researchers at my husband's work is Indian.  This summer his parents found him a wife and he is getting married this December.  My husband was invited to the wedding, and so was I!  I was all dizzy when I heard it, but very soon, I touched ground, since there of course was no way I would be going.  Leaving our kids for a week, when we have never been gone together for more than a weekend...  And, who would watch the children?  Our "adopted grandma", a woman we've become close friends with, would love to stay with them, but she isn't available at the time of the wedding. 

I'm ashamed to say so, but I was very, very envious of my husband, who would experience this fairy-tale journey.  I tried to reason with myself, but I just couldn't.  India is sort of "our thing", the country we were going to explore some day, - together!  We were actually planning a one month stay there soon, together with good friends, but the plans had to be postponed.  Now he would go on his own, without any work excuses.

But then, something happened.  My mom called and said she would come down here and take care of our children while we both went to India.  I was surprised, speachless, and very thankful.  It was going to happen!

Well, now I'm on the edge of an anxiety attack by the thought of leaving the four kids for a week, and I've started to gather resources, other parents who will take in one or another of my kids for a day or two, and be my mother's support system.  The list is growing.

Maybe, one of these days, I can really think out loud in my mind this sentence that I'm now writing: 
I am going to India!


  1. Congrats, what an amazing experience!! It's so hard to leave your kids but will be so worth it!

  2. Så bra Kristine! Det høres fantastisk ut.

  3. Thanks Ashley. I know, it will be great, I just have to adjust to the thought.

    Takk, Sonja! :-)


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