Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As it is in Heaven - Så Som I Himmelen

This is one of my all time favorite movies.  It's been a while since I watched this 2004 movie, but it stays with me!
Directed by Kay Pollak, "Så som i Himmelen" is grand!. Most of the story takes place in the Swedish countryside, in a little village, and even though there are not that many characters here, they are so strong that you have the feeling you dive into their world.  Love, hate, deception, questions never answered nor asked...

Michael Nyqvist plays a world famous conductor, who, for an unknown reason, returns to his childhood village in Northern Sweden.   Frida Hallgren and Helen Sjöholm each have strong roles in this cast, and the latter of them is also a wonderful, wonderful singer.  When her character, Gabriella, sings her song, even if she is understated and 'normal', it's just very, very powerful. Maybe this is one of the strong sides of this movie, showing normal people, normal feelings and reactions.  We can relate to them. 
Lots of people do a great job here.  Music, photography, actors, etc - in a very well  made movie!

Here I'll give it to you: "Gabriella's Song" from "As it is in Heaven". Enjoy!

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  1. Ein fantastisk film! Har faktisk den songen på repertoaret mitt, og hadde også tenkt å legge den ut på min eigen blogg om ikkje så lenge:-).


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