Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Moments - by my cell phone camera!

Sometimes, a lot of times, actually, I don't have my camera close by.  Then, occasionally, I will use my cell phone to take pictures.  Here is a selection of "Cell phone moments" from this summer. 

Early days in the flower garden!

At my eldest son's school's summer party, by the lake Mjøsa

Playing cards

Trying on campfire cloak, night before he leaves for boy scout camp.

Outdoor theatre show at town park. ("Hakkebakkeskogen" på Gjøvik Gård.)

PlayDough out on the deck.

Hotdog dinner and Saturday Night candy out on the deck!

I wish I could fly...

Popsicles with cousins!

Samuel and Grandma


Boat trip in kiddie pool

Pauline and Grandma at outdoor concert. (Sommerslagere på Gjøvik Gård)

Water Fun!

Bike ride by the lake.

Ice cream by the kitchen table


  1. Great pictures. You must have an awesome cell phone because my pics do not turn out like that at all. :) I was just swinging by to invite you to join us for our Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. Link up your blog and another you'd like to spotlight this week. I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. When one sees a whole series of pictures like that from a season one gets the sense of all of the joys of shared during that time.

  3. Kel, Moonaroo, thanks for your nice comments!


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