Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picture of the day: The Milkmaid, by Vermeer

The Milkmaid, Jan Vermeer 1660. Reproduction: 

Jan Vermeer has a place in my heart. The Dutch painter who lived and worked in Delft in the 17th century is one of my absolute favorites!  I've seen quite a few of his paintings, and this is one of them, The Milkmaid, painted in 1660.  I saw it in The Rijksmuseum  in Amsterdam in 2005.
It's a typical Vermeer painting.  A indoor, domestic scene.  An ordinary, everyday action, that,  by his touch becomes something much more.  Look at the bread, the milk, the different textures, and, of course, the light.

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  1. Nydelige detaljar.
    Fin og interessant blogg du har! Mykje dybde og kreativitet her, det likar eg. Lys og skygge - bra namn. Tusen takk for kommentaren du la igjen hos meg, alltid kjekt når nokon "kjem over" bloggen. Ha ein god dag!


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