Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun in the Zoo

Vi spent two days this summer in the Zoo in Kristiansand , Norway.  It's a zoo, and it's an amusement park /theme park with elements from Norwegian children's books and films.
Here is a series of pictures from the experience:

I'm the king of the world!

Just observing...

Don't mess with me.  I'm actually more dangerous than those men...

What a wonderful day to be a lion!

Hm... This is a tiny little bit scary...

I'm really not sure about this...

No, wait,  it's fun!

Can I please eat my lunch alone?

Hi there, how are you enjoying your day?

My son is studying the map... and I'm looking for the wolves!

Feeding the Alpakas

What are you staring at?

My nephew and daughter.

My youngest, going for a stroll.

My daughter and niece.

Meercats.  We loved them!


  1. loved this post! looks like such a fun time :)

  2. Thanks, Queen Bee. :-) Wishing you lots of fun time to come!

    Sonja, vi var der for første gang på 10 år (og min 3. gang i historien), så for oss var dette virkelig en ny og spennende opplevelse! :-)


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