Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Days in Italy: San Giminiano

The first day on the photographic workshop, while driving from Florence to Buonconvento, we stopped for a few hours in San Giminiano.  It's one of these medieval towns, perched on a hill, with walls all around.  What is really special for San Giminiano, are the towers.  Today, there are 13 of them, but there used to be over 70.  The reason for these towers is debated, but it might have been defense, or just show-off.

We parked the bus down by the foot of the hill, and walked our way up to the walled city.  When we approached the entrance, we were met by music, flags and people dressed in various medieval costumes.  There was actually a festival going on: Ferie Delle Messi.  It was pretty much like traveling in time, and, of course there were a lots to photograph.  Which is sometimes intimidating, actually.  When there is too much, it's really hard to find the really good.  
Here you have some impressions from my afternoon in San Giminiano:



  1. Awesome pics! I love Tuscany. I've been to S.Gimignano 2 or three times in my life but it's so long ago now! Time to plan a new trip to Tuscany! Thanks for sharing, Kristine. MG

  2. Thanks a lot! I will have to go back there, spend more time. And, I can't let my Italian language get too rusty! :-) (Will write a post about that, by the way, the language, and how I've learned enough to be able to communicate.)


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