Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Days

Boat trip in Zoo/Amusement park

It's Summer in Norway.  I've been traveling a bit, being totally off-line (not even my mobile phone was working) visiting my in-laws, spending two days in Norway's biggest zoo/amusement park,  given tons of plants from my father-in-law for my yard, getting 20+ mosquito-bites, and some other insect bite with a growing red circle surrounding it.  Don't like that last one, am probably going to have somebody to look at it.
I have had some time to read, so there will be a book review, or maybe two, and there are pictures and some deep thoughts coming up.  I just need some extended quiet time to get around to it.

Boat trip in Kiddie Pool

But, I wanted to post right now, since I just received another award:  The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks a lot to Maria Gracia at Fly High! and Mohamed Mughal at Thoughts and Ponderings.  These are blogs worth while reading, and reading again!

I pass this award on to the following blogs: (I gave the Sunshine Award to several of these as well.)

I could pass it on to many more, but I choose to stop here.  

Wishing you all a beautiful Summer, with sun, rain and lots of ripe strawberries!

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