Friday, July 30, 2010

10 Days in Italy: Our Farm

After those 24 hours alone in Florence, it was time to meet my workshop group, so after breakfast, I hauled my suitcase and camera gear over to the Santa Maria Novella train station, where I jumped on the bus for the airport.  Fiumicino airport is tiny.  The terminal is one single building, where everything is within a few steps.  I looked around a little, to see if I could spot some Americans, but then chose to head outside, to look for our tour bus, which should be parked out by the taxi lines.   It was there, the only bus in sight, and since I was early, surprisingly, the driver was all one there, just waiting for us.  I chatted with him for a little while before loading my luggage and going for a stroll around the terminal.
Found a little book store, and bought an Italian magazine and some water for the trip.  Then, after a little while, I headed back to the bus, and now there was a little crowd starting to form out there.  There were introductions to be done, and soon after we were off, on the road to our Tuscan adventure!
My workshop group was just great!  We were 18 in all, and there was a good energy going on here.  Except for our two Italians, the driver and one of the photographers/teachers, I was the only non-American, but I felt totally included and I had a really good time the whole week.
I can fully and wholeheartedly recommend a workshop with Drake Busath and his team!

This first day we went from Florence to the farm where we were going to stay for a week:  Pieve A Salti, close to the little town of Buonconvento, in the Siena area.
This used to be the Bischop of Siena's Summer residence, and the main buildings date back to the 13th century.
It's beautifully situated within the gentle, hilly Tuscan landscape, between fields and woods, and there were sheep, horses, cows and cats around us.  Our classroom time was in a small stone cottage on the farm, and we enjoyed our morning cappuccinos in the cosy breakfast room.  I already miss it!

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  1. Kristine,
    Your images are beautiful! It was such a great week, being with all of you. The farm is such a perfect "home base" for the workshop.

    I wish you the very best... and keep shooting!


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