Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last day of school, ice cream and piano

Today was the last day of school for my children.  

The last day of 1st grade (=Kindergarten in the US) for my youngest daughter, last day of 5th grade for my eldest son, and last day of 8th grade for my eldest daughter.

To celebrate the summer holidays, I took them all out for dinner, at a hamburger restaurant.  A friend and her daughter joined us, and it was fun, and messy, of course, but who cares, they were already dirty after playing outside after school.

Then, balancing the melting and overflowing ice-creams, we went to the very last end of the year-performance, at the music school, where Samuel and Alma played the piano, together, and each one alone.  They were  nervous, but did really well, and I was proud and happy, but stressed out, because of my toddler, who wouldn't stop talking in a very, very, very loud voice...  
At one time I went out in the hallway with him and the stack of paper plus crayons I had brought, another time it was my eldest daughter who took him out for a while.  Then came the diaper in desperately need of a change (and I had run out of new ones...), and tired kids starting to pick at each other...  Did I mention kids were still playing the piano, and we were supposed to stay silent?

Finally, all twenty something had played their piece, and there was cake, coffee and ice cream time.  Ice cream again...  I ignored my toddlers diaper situation for a little while, just the time to let them enjoy the goodies, but then, off we went.  It was way passed their bedtime, and like it usually is in such situation, it took some time to get the little ones settled.  

Now, I'm showered, in my PJ's, and I'm almost sleeping already.  The house is a total mess (See previous post).  I chose to write this and then go to bed, instead of cleaning.  Tomorrow is a good day for cleaning. 
Tomorrow my husband is back from Finland.  
And I, I'm out of here...

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