Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sardinia IV - Life is unfair...

A little photo story about the feeling that life passes you by, and about the will to change your destiny:

"It's not fair.  The big kids are in the pool, but I'm not.  I know it's not sunny today, but if they get to play in the water, why don't I?"

"Well.  I'll just leave.  Nobody cares about what I want..."

"Or, wait... I don't accept this.  I want to be in the water too!"

"Here we go!"

"Just have to open this gate..."

"Let's see, how does this work?"

"Maybe I can climb over?"

"No,  see here, it actually opens!"

"Almost there..."

"I made it. I'm in!"


  1. What a sweet child :-). Of his own accord quite beautiful and photogenic, but when the hands that hold the camera are tied by love to the subject the pictures are very special indeed. You will treasure these in the years to come. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Utrolig søtt! Jeg leser faktisk moren min sin blogg, kult! :) ♥

  3. This was such a sweet little post! I loved it. I liked your other ones, too! The closest I have ever been to Norway was at Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida in the United States. Ha! Thanks so much for taking a look at my wacky blog! I look forward to reading more from yours. -Kelley @

  4. Thanks, Mary, for your comment. It touched me. Blessings to you too!

    Pauline, tusen takk :-)

    Kelley, thanks for following and commenting!


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