Friday, May 28, 2010

Picture of the day: Sleeping Mother With Child

Yesterday I dropped by the National Gallery of Art in Oslo.  I was there when they opened the doors, so with some quick running up the stairs, I got to spend some time alone with a few of my favorite paintings.  The El Greco was my first stop, and then this one.  
It's painted in 1883, by the Norwegian artist Christian Krohg.  It's part of his Skagen series, the pictures he painted while he stayed in Skagen, the northenmost part of Denmark, where the ocean is on two sides, and the light is world famous.
I got a postcard with this picture on when I just had my second baby.  I felt it was a perfect painting of my life, and I have loved it since.  
Sleeping Mother With Child is one of the paintings I always need to look at for a while when I'm at the National Gallery.

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