Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother of Mine

Today I want to give you a DVD suggestion: Mother of Mine (Äidäistä Parhain), from 2005.
I got to see this movie a couple of weeks ago, at the Nordic Light festival of photography in Kristiansund.
It was a "breakfast movie", shown in a theater at 8:30 AM, and nobody knew which film we were going to see before we sat down, coffee in hand, and the lights went out...
I was amazed.  By the story, by the pictures, the actors.
The plot takes place in Finland, during the world war II.  A little boy is sent away from his mother, to Sweden, where he can be safe until the end of the war.  We get to know him, his foster parents and the special, but complicated bonds who are formed.
The story is fiction, but built on real events.  Lots of Finnish children were sent away from their parents during the war, and the experience was for many a traumatic one.
The director, Klaus Härö, does a fantastic job, and he has extremely talented actors to fill the roles.
Topi Majaniemi plays the main character of Eero, and Michael Nyqvist, one of my favorite actors, plays the role of his  his foster father in Sweden.
I really, really recommend  you this movie.  It's not dark or tragic, but human and universal, even when it plays the more melancholic strings.  It's about life.  We all have had parents, and we all have more or less complicated feelings towards them.
Mother of Mine never run in Norwegian theaters.  Why?  How could we miss this pearl?

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