Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 17th / 17. Mai

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the Norwegian Constitution Day. 
May 17th isn't like anything else or any such day in the world. 
It is a day where we celebrate the constitution, signed on the 17th of May 1814, the freedom from Danish rule and the supremacy in 1905 after almost 100 years of union with Sweden.  We also celebrate the freedom after the occupation during WW2, and  the fact that we live in a free country with a democracy that's actually working.
But, exept for a short speech given by the mayor in every single city, town, village, the day is really  about children.  Not about the military, not about important officials and politicians, but children. 
School children parading, dressed beautifully, waving flags, singing and having fun.  Marching bands are playing,  people are dancing, singing, eating lots and lots of ice cream. 
After the parades, there are games and entertainment in every shcool, community center and park all over the country.  Everything's closed, the streets are turned pedestrian, and we party all day long.
I have borrowed the first photo from the Norwegian newspaper VG as an illustration of how the 17. of May looks like in Oslo, our capital.
And here are a bunch of snapshots from our May 17th, in our little town by the lake Mjøsa:
Our boy scout up at 6AM to do the special scout parade.

After breakfast, Mom and four kids in front of our house.

Waiting for the parade to pass.

Here they come!

Our school!

There she is.  Look at us!!!


Big brother doesn't see us...

In the park

Going home to have lunch and some rest.

School next!




  1. What a beautiful place you live in and an even more beautiful family you have.

  2. Hello, Kristine, I'm your newest follower. I found you leapfrogging blogs, which is my latest, favorite recreation. I enjoy your writing style & your photographs are lovely, too. I feel a connection to you because a dear friend of mine lives in Norway and through her I know many, many Norwegians, mostly musicians & film makers. Also my father was an amazing photographer. Come visit my blog: The Squashed Bologna, and take a look. Varda

  3. Thanks, Midwestern Mama Holly! :-)
    Varda, thanks for following. I'll check out your blog. :-)


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