Monday, April 12, 2010

On the other side of the camera...

Well, this is a first for my blog.  A post with photographs of me.  I'm usually the one behind the camera, so this is sort of weird...  But, my husband wanted to be the photographer this weekend, and he did well! 
First pictures are taken downtown Oslo:

And the following pics are taken on the slanted roof of the Opera in Oslo:
(For more pictures of the Opera house, see here .)


  1. I ran across your blog and LOVE it. Your pictures are amazing and your little daughter is beautiful:] She has an angelic face. Please check my blog out at

    Have a great day!

  2. så fine bilder av deg, Kristine! Digger kjolene dine :)

  3. Thanks, Mary. I follow your blog. Have a great day!

    Vera, tusen takk. Jeg digger dem selv! :-D


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