Monday, April 26, 2010

The girl who lived...

Evy Kristine is the name of  the little girl who lived for almost three days, and touched so many people's lives.  As I wrote some days ago, I took pictures of her body when she had become an angel.  Just in case, there might be somebody who don't want to see these photographs, I created a special page for them.  Click here if you want to see.
She looks like she's asleep, like the tiny, precious newborn she was.  And I'm crying again, writing this...


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. i can certainly see why you made the special page for Evy! After reading stories such as this its kind of hard for me to complain about my kidlets. thanks for sharing her life!

  2. Thanks for saying that! And, I've had the same reflections, after this week with Evy...

  3. This post really touched me. I felt so sad for the child's parents. What a beautiful little angel she is.


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