Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9th in Norway

Today is the 70th anniversary for the start of WW2 in Norway.  April 9th 1940, German troups marched into Oslo and many other cities.  The king and his family fled, to England and the US, and so did the Government.  
During five years Norway was under Nazi rule, until the liberation on May 8th 1945.
This is not that long ago, really.  And I think it's important that we keep reminding ourselves that freedom is not to be taken for granted.   Nor is peace and friendship between people and between countries.  We have to keep teaching our children what happened, not to keep a grudge, but to be able to recognize certain dangers when and if they occur again.
Western Europe has been peaceful for a very long time now, and I hope it can stay this way.  I love to travel, to learn other languages, to absorb and adopt other cultures and traditions.  We need each other, we need all of us.
And, while savoring the peace and the freedom, keeping in mind that many, many countries dont't have this, and that we should never stop working and praying for them to be able to live their lives without fear, hunger and oppression. 

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  1. This is so sad. I didn't even learn about Norway's involvement in WWII until college history. This really was a world war. I am glad to know of these kind of things so that I can continue to educate my own children when the school system misses the opportunity to do so.


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