Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winter Blues

Still in a somewhat nostaligic mood. 
There has just been too much cold, ice, snow and dark for me now.
But, today the birds went crazy chirping outside my house, and I guess that's a sign of spring!  The sun is finally up long enough to procure some heat, and there is som actual melting happening on our roof, and icesickles everywhere.
Yes I know, I should be posting pictures of it, pictures from the country where the month of March is still Winter (with a huge W), and I will, when I get around to upload some. 
But, in the meantime, I'll just warm my heart looking at photos from last summer in Seattle.  Here is a rather random selection:

Jonatan at the playground

Tina and Ishani,2, good friends

Maya,4, another good friend

Jonatan reading "Good Night Moon" (upside-down) in the family room

The house I fantasized about buying... (It was up for sale, and I passed it every day)

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