Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too late - again.

Why is it that I can't go to bed in time?
Maybe part of it is that I'm alone with the four kids again.  I'm not too happy about being the only one in charge, even though everything runs smoothly.  Most of the time, that is.
Just another thing to check out.  -Did I lock that door?  -Where is that backpack that Alma needs tomorrow for her nordic skiing day with school?  -Did I turn off the dryer? -And what about straps, to bind the skis together, where are they?  -Found, just have to remember to make hot chocolate for both kids who are going to be outside all day tomorrow.  -The living room is a total mess.  -So is pretty much the rest of the house.  -What about the light downstairs, did I forget to turn it out?  -Enough, already!  I need sleep. Goodnight!

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