Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time, again.

Time.  I wish I had a lot more of it.  Today, I had the morning to get my mind sorted out.  My toddler went with his daddy to the gym, and I could get organized.  A rare treat, and how difficult it is, when time is scarce.  There were emails to be sent, phone calls to be made, payments to do, and sorting of photos, papers and thoughts.
Then, around 11AM, I took my toddler with me to my dermatologists' appointment, wore him in my homemade Asian carrier.  He sat quietly on a chair while I had my treatment, and then we went back home for lunch, story reading and naptime.  Then, while he slept, I had another window of time, before my big kids got home from school.
Working from home, it takes self discipline to ignore the laundry and the mess in the kitchen, but today I think I did pretty well.  Now, it is time to switch over to  the full Mom-mode.  I'll cook dinner, so that it can be re-heated tonight, after all the driving back and forth from dance lessons,orienteering practice and parents' meeting for the boy scouts, I'll do laundry, clean, and I'll listen to three children talking about their day.  
If I get around to it, I'll post another quick and healthy dinner recipe, maybe tonight, when  the kids are in bed.


  1. Jeg kjenner meg så godt igjen i det du skriver! Det er, som vanlig, godt formulert, og jeg er så glad for at du skriver på engelsk. Alltid hyggelig å komme "på besøk" til bloggen din og lese dine herlige livsbetraktninger og se dine fantastiske bilder. Keep up the good work :-)
    -og nå venter jeg spent på oppskriften :-)


  2. Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar. :-) Og der var oppskriften plassert.


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