Friday, March 19, 2010


It rains!
This morning I walked alone downtown for an errand and back home again.  A nice walk, with some time for thoughts to wander as well.
Soft rain against my face, what an amazing feeling!  I realize I haven't experienced it since Rome in November last year...  Yes, that's right, we've had winter here, real ice cold winter, with lots of snow, temperatures way below zero, and a lot of glistering beautiful days with a sky so blue it looked like it was painted and sun lightening up the days, even if it wasn't strong enough to warm the air and melt the snow.
This morning we woke up to 2 degrees Celcius (about 35 Fahrenheit), grey skies and rain.  And already we can see pieces of black road where the snow  is slowly melting away.  In the big fur tree outside our house, the birds go crazy chirping and whistling, almost like they want to be the first to announce the change of seasons.
And, they're right, because it actually smells like Spring out there.  An earthy, treeish, hopeful scent of what's about to happen.  Soon.


  1. Ja, nå ser jeg nesten fra time til time at snøen minker! Høres ut som en liten fjellbekk i full fart i takrennene mine...

  2. Det er en god lyd å lytte til! Ha en fin kveld. :-)


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