Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Three Stages of Projects in Life

When it comes to projects in life, there are three stages:
Stage 1: The planning
Stage 2: The work in progress
Stage 3: The final result

I think which stage you prefer might define you - in some way.  I haven't yet figured out in which way that is, but I'm intrigued by this, and I may come back to it later.  
When it comes to craft projects, I'm often an adept of Stage 1.  
I love getting the inspiration, browsing through magazines and stores, admiring and dreaming.
I enjoy the planning, the thinking and the buying of fabric more than I enjoy the actual crafting, and much more than I ever enjoy the final result.  Don't misunderstand, I do love the sewing, knitting, drawing, or any other kind of making, but for me the creative thinking is even more fun.
With reading it is definitively both Stages 1 and 2.  I enjoy bookstores, no, I love bookstores.  I could actually live permanently in a bookstore.  But, I also enjoy book titles just given to me, as well as books bought for me, because the actual reading is so great.  When it's all over, I often feel empty, like someone 
Writing is strange.  Stage 1 scares me.  I'm so afraid of not being able to write.  Stage 2 is sometimes dreadful, boring, hopeless, and sometimes invigorating, uplifting, wonderful and of a different world.  Stage 3 can be really good, but mostly disappointing.
Photography is much like writing, but I enjoy Stage 3 a lot more.
In the cooking department I hate Stage 1, but I mostly enjoy Stage 2 (if somebody else took care of Stage 1, that is planning and grocery shopping!), and I prefer Stage 3, the final result!
With home improvement projects, I'm a little bit Stage 1, but ten times more Stage 3.
Stage 2 makes me want to escape the planet.  
I can dream a little bit about how I want things to be, but what I really prefer is just having somebody figuring it all out and just doing it so I can enjoy my peaceful Stage 3.
In life's bigger projects, I almost always prefer Stage 1.  I'm a dreamer, and dreams don't often come true.  Becoming a mother is a huge exception.  The actual happening is more then you could ever picture.
I could go on, of course, but I'll stop here. It would be interesting to hear about where you prefer to be in your different projects in life.

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