Friday, February 12, 2010

Tarnished Beauty by Cecilia Samartin

I finished it late yesterday night.  Way too late, actually, but I had to read, had to follow the story all the way until the end.
I highly recommend this read too, but, I think I still like Broken Paradise even better.  I don't know why, but that book just touched me very, very deeply.  
But, don't get me wrong.  I loved Tarnished Beauty, and I was actually disappointed when it ended, would have loved to follow Jamilet for a little while longer.  My mind goes on right now, spinning the continuation of the story.
A Mexican girl leaving for the US in search of a miracle.  The story of an old Spanish man who also searches for something.  Two stories interwoven in a seamless way. If you haven't read it yet, don't wait!


  1. Nå fikk jeg lyst til å lese noe annet enn pensum, og Samartin skriver så vakkert. Jeg har ikke fått lest denne..Heldigvis er biblioteket oppe i morgen også :-)
    Takk for tipset og nydelig skildring!

  2. Jeg likte også denne boken veldig, veldig godt!Tenkte på den i mange dager etter at jeg hadde lest den ferdig.

  3. Ja, det kan gjøre godt å ta pauser fra pensum! Og, det er så godt å finne bøker som en har lyst til å "bo" i. :-)


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