Sunday, February 14, 2010

Because I Loved Her ( Je l'aimais)

Last night I watched a movie - in a theater! My mom is here for a few days, and she and the kids spent some hours together, while we had a full date night of dinner and movie. Nice!
Living in a small town, we never have a big choice in movies, but I was happy to see they showed Zabou Breitman's movie "Je l'amais".  
The Norwegian title is "Jeg elsket henne" and the English "Because I loved her."  
It is a screen adaption of Anna Gavalda's novel. (Same title) I liked reading the book a couple of years ago, and since French movies don't come around too often here, there was no doubt in my mind whether I should choose this one or "Did you hear about the Morgans?".
There is a story within a story here, and while the main plot takes place over a day or two, the other one, the longer story which is told in a mountain cabin, during a long night in front of the fireplace, is clearly the most important.
Somebody left the theater. I guess a French love tale of lost love might be too much for some nordic souls. Well, I think we should learn to approach these themes. The main themes of human life. And, here Gavalda and Breitman talk about being able to love, and whether a given love is right - or not.
The leading roles are played by Daniel Auteuil and Marie-Josée Croze.

The movie trailer:

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  1. I love all of the movies that you love so I know that I would enjoy seeing this one. You have great theatrical taste.

  2. Thank you, Moonaroo. (By the way, I got to see the movie you suggested, Frozen River, a few months ago. Don't remember if I already told you.) I liked it a lot. Such convincing actors, and a strong, sad and at the same time encouraging story.


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