Monday, January 11, 2010

To be in Spain or not to be in Spain...

Being alone with my four children for many days in a row, when is freezing cold outside and the car won't start, that is not the easiest thing in the world.
My husband is hanging out in Spain, by the way...  Yes, I  know it's work, but still, there are moments I really would like to trade places with him.
For instance, when there were seven kids in my house yesterday, and three of them were big boys running up and down the stairs, banging doors and making as much noise as you can while playing hide 'n seek.  
Or, when my toddler missed his nap because of a tad too much commotion in the house.
Or, when my daughter spilled a whole bottle of nail polish all over her two hands, the bathroom cupboards and floor.  (Did I mention the said nail polish was BLACK?)   (Or, that I started to cry?)
Or, when I didn't find enough nail polish remover to clean both her hands, the bathroom and my hands (from dealing with it).
Or, realizing that my toilet's water intake is frozen.
Or, when the car didn't start this morning, and I had four kids bundled up  outside, looking like Tellytubbies with scarves, having to walk in the biting cold, missing the first half hour of school...

But, even though it's a hassle,
when I'm up, early in the morning, before everybody else, a cup of coffee and my writing in front of me on the kitchen table, just the light from a candle, with total darkness outside the windows.
Or, when I take my youngest daughter to her piano lesson.  Watching my little girl sitting there on the bench, playing with such concentration, and Mom feeling extremely proud.
Or, when we sit down for dinner, the five of us, and they all take turns in talking about their day, enjoying the tagliatelle and meat sauce, and the crème caramel for dessert.
Or when the wood fire warms us all, and the little ones, after a hot bath, crawl into bed, yawing while being read to.
Or, when my toddler curls up in my arms, while I sing to him, before drifting off to sleep with his "pat the bunny"-rabbit in his arms.
Then I realize I didn't necessarily pull the shortest straw after all...

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