Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow Angels

I went outside with my toddler for a while this morning, with a goal to have the driveway shoveled. After extremely cold weather, we now have only around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, which feels rather warm in comparison, and it has started to snow again.  Shoveling while it's still snowing, I know... but there were so much of it now, so I simply had to remove some layers. ( Poor postman, he wouldn't be able to reach our mailbox without getting his boots filled with the melting white stuff.)
When I was done, my toddler and I lay down on the soft mattress which is two feet of new-fallen snow on our front lawn.  I actually stood upright, and let myself fall directly on my back.   The landing was more than soft, I felt totally weightless.
We made snow angels, which I haven't done for  too many years, and then I just lay there, looking up on the perfectly shaped snowflakes, tumbling down from the cotton white sky, dancing and swirling lazily on their way down, until they reached my nose, my cheeks, my eyelashes.
We were two kids at that moment!

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