Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Parenting will come to an end.

We're already approaching the end of January.  Time is still speeding like crazy, nothing we can do about that, other than stop and take in what we have in front of our eyes - right now.   
If you have young children, like I do, you will realize one day or another, that this is going to end.  This everyday life of caring for small human beings, that is something you'll do only for a short while, and then, suddenly they will be gone.  Not necessarily out of your life completely, but out of your house, your care, your daily schedule.  And then, messy floors, never-ending laundry and sleep deprivation because someone needs you, it  may all seem a lot rosier than you think right now.  
And, even if you don't think this applies to you, if you have children, it will, and a lot sooner than you think.  Even if you, right now, feel overwhelmed by the demands of being a parent, please know that this is going to end, and you'll probably miss it, maybe not everything, but most of it.
So, cherish the mess and the noise, cherish that small, sticky hand holding on to you, and those high-pitched voices calling for your attention.  Enjoy the storytelling, the reading of children's books, yes, even the diaper changes.  Paint memory pictures in your mind, store the sounds of baby talk and children's songs.  Take care to remember even the bad days, when everything went wrong, because they will be your family's own stories, colored by experience and lightened up by time. 
This is your life right now, be there!


  1. This was a beautiful reminder! I need to read this today. :)

  2. I'm happy you found it at the right moment! I need constantly to be reminded of this :-) Have a great day!

  3. Rørende skrevet.Det er så sant, Kristine! Jeg gruer meg til barna er så store at de liksom ikke trenger meg lenger. Heldigvis er det lenge til. Og frem til da skal jeg prøve å ta vare på hver eneste dag!

  4. Takk, Kristina. Og, selv om vi ikke klarer det, ta vare på tiden - hele tiden - kan vi prøve å huske på det innimellom!

  5. Your blog caught my eye while doing some on-line research for a lecture I will be presenting. Now that my children are grown and day-to-day parenting is done, I miss it every day. My children are five thousand miles away due to my moving to Ireland from America, but my emotional parenting continues in phone calls, e-mails, worrying, thinking, planning, thinking, etc. I remember when they were small and again when they were teens, stopping in the midst of chaos and just soaking it all in, loving each element of it, knowing that some day I would miss it all. I have so many wonderful memory pictures that carry me through to my next visit with them and my grandchildren. If there is any wisdom that I can pass on to new parents it is just as you said: enjoy it while it lasts, for it is amazingly fleeting. Great blog!


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